Saturday, May 28, 2011

Buffalo Burgers

Don't worry- they aren't really made of buffalo meat! Eww... That, for some reason, is just what they are called. My mom passed on a recipe she got from her sister who got it from her 7th grade Home Ec teacher! The recipe for a stuffed burger really takes on so many options... The trick is to put what are normally topping ingredients in between two really thin patties, making one monstrous burger. I've included the original recipe and additional possible ingredients for stuffing in a burger. BTW- I've decided to use a different font when I am rambling than I'll use for the actual recipe. I'm worried these recipes are looking longer and harder than they are because I can't shut up... Shutting up now.

2 lbs ground beef {or about 1/3-1/2 lb per person}

8 1/4" thick slices of cheddar cheese

Sweet Pickle relish

Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper

Make 6 THIN patties from 1 pound of ground beef. Place one slice of cheese, 1 tsp relish, a couple splashes of Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper on each. Top with a thin patty made from remaining beef. Pinch edges to seal and shape into smooth, fat patties. Grill or broil until done on both sides and cheese starts to melt out. Serve with you favorite hamburger toppings.

I actually like to add about 1/3 C of oatmeal per pound of beef and sprinkle the salt and pepper and Worcestershire sauce on the beef before I mold it into patties. The oatmeal helps the patties stay together a little better and helps keep the burgers moist. The S&P and sauce keep the flavor a little more evenly delish. The burgers pictured have Monterey Jack cheese and relish as the filling, with some dehydrated onion lightly pressed directly into the inside of a patty.

Other options include, but not limited to:

Avocado slices, sauteed onions or mushrooms, salsa, A-1, bacon {though, I don't know if I would put this INSIDE the burger...}, Teriyaki sauce and pineapple crushed or tidbits, etc...

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