Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

We celebrated in grand fashion by having Mexican night! Mexican food was one of the most anticipated themes. I just wish it hadn't been planned the same night as another activity that obligated several people who'd been looking forward to it... Oh well, we still had a blast!! Aside from the good food, I was impressed at what an active group of women we had there! I think everyone there had run a full or half marathon or a triathlon, including Keathanne, who completed the Boston Marathon this year in just over 3 hours!! We decided it would be super fun to all do a triathlon together with a little pot to sweeten the deal... We played one of my favorite games and learned some HILARIOUS things about each other, including nasty habits and what a MILF is... Just ask Brooke Anderson! ;) I'm still waiting on the recipes for a few of the dishes, but here's pictures of what to look forward to: Brooke Anderson's Black Bean Soup

Brooke's Refried Bean recipe she included for our Go-To night

Angie Randall's Tres Leches

Angie was so sweet to host for us. I think her kids loved it as much as we did. Her boys munched nonstop on everything and even joined us for a game. And, as you can see, her daughter was especially 'helpful' when it came time to clean up!

Next gathering is May 18th and we'll be doing Dessert, at the request of my husband. I doubt we'll have many complaints there! After this, at each Exchange we'll draw a theme for the following Exchange. Desserts happen to be my favorite, so *knuckles cracking* get ready for some fun!

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