Friday, April 8, 2011

April 7th Exchange

The first official meeting of this recipe exchange group went great! Alexa Kessler with Mason and Melissa Skinner.
Ohhh... sorry for this picture, Jayme! With Angie Randall and her friend, Emily. Thanks for bringing a friend, it was great to meet Emily.
Jennifer Fulton and Rachel Hutchings made a fashionably late entrance due to a key ingredient to Jenn's recipe crashing all over her driveway! But it was worth the wait!!
We had quite the spread, and I was impressed with the variety of it all. We were all sufficiently stuffed!
After all the great food, my husband, Matt, has offered to host at our house anytime! Since we hadn't all met, or knew each other by face only, we started out with each person introducing themselves, telling a little bit about their recipe and answering a silly question about themselves which led to some great conversations ranging from touching General Conference talks to poop! Personally, I think it went really well and a big thanks to everyone for making it such a fun night! That includes the wondeful husbands who supported us in this and took the kids so we could have a girls night! Also, a good change came out of our first meeting. Since Thursday's don't work for some people, and other nights don't work for other people, we'll be doing the 1st Thursday and 3rd Wednesday of the month to hopefully accommodate as many people as possible! So, mark your calendars for April 20th for more food, friends, and fun! The theme will be Easter so boil your eggs, cook up some ham and potatoes, or sort through your favorite spring desserts and come for more of the wonderful same!

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