Friday, April 8, 2011

3 Layer Jello

I got really excited, so I couldn't help myself from making a few different things. This is the first. A tasty jello recipe I give props to my mom for. This sets up in about an hour, so it's a great quasi-last minute jello side. It makes a frothy layer on the top that's almost like eating cotton candy jello. The lighting is pretty yellow, giving this an orange-y hue, though it was very red... Sorry for the weird color!

1 (6 oz) pkg Jello gelatin
2 C boiling water
1 small can fruit( or about 1 C fresh or frozen)
8-10 ice cubes

Pour hot water into blender. Add jello and blend until dissolved (30 seconds). Add fruit and ice cubes, blend until mixture looks smooth and foamy. Immediately pour into serving bowl and chill at least 1 hour. The layers form as the jello cools. You can mix and match the flavor of Jello and the fruit. My favorites are red raspberry Jello with strawberries (the kind pictured) and purple jello with pears.

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