Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monkey Bread

This was a disaster. Sorry. I was slightly distracted by two handsome men when I was scooping the flour and I think I left a whole cup out! Whoops! Then it got too warm and too big... Eh, everyone still liked it, but it could have been so much better! Ya notice that I say that a lot? Anyway, this monkey bread is so deliciously butter and {should} pulls apart very nicely. This is the original recipe, but I three-fourthed it to get it to fit in my bread machine- wet ingredients first, dry on top!

2 C warm water

1/2 C sugar

1 tbsp salt

2 tbsp yeast

2 eggs

7 C Wondra flour

4 tbsp oil

1 C butter, melted

Mix warm water, sugar, salt and yeast together, set aside for 5-10 minutes. Beat eggs, add to yeast mixture. Add 3 cups flour, beat well. Add oil and remaining flour. Stir and knead if necessary. Cover and let rise 2 hours or until double or overnight in the fridge. Roll out and cut with biscuit cutter. Dip in melted butter and stand side by side in a bundt pan or 3 loaf pans. Let rise 3-4 hours{or 15 minutes in outside in AZ right now!}. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

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