Friday, June 3, 2011

Breakfast of Champions!

Wow. That's all I've got to say. Wow.

This Exchange has been my favorite yet- even over desserts! Of course, the food was amazing. That's a given. But more than that, I was so impressed with the women that showed up and how incredible they all were! Nothing against those of you who have made it before and couldn't this time, but I was at the tail end of a pretty traumatic family incident, having just earned 'Worst Mother of the Year' award. I was even wavering on making it that night! I would certainly have missed out! The women who came all made me feel so much better and my crazy experience opened up a whole evening of conversations that most people don't have, but everyone needs to hear! I really appreciate how much everyone opened up. I feel so much closer to you all and it was good to know I'm not the only one to have such miserable mom moments! Having a bunch of incredible food to drown my worries in certainly helped, too! I'm still waiting on a couple recipes. Patiently. Waiting. So I can make them again as soon as I have them. Patiently. ;) Teaser of what's coming... Jayme Welly's crepes.

Audrey Maycock's Scones

Jennifer Fulton's Spinach and Egg souffle.

Sheree Mower's Crepes.

Don't forget to check out past breakfast recipes as well... Just click on the "Breakfast" label link to the right of the blog and all the breakfast posts will pull up.

We are postponing our next gathering a bit. Since we're hitting summer, there are a lot of people heading in and out of town. With that in mind, we voted to skip the third Thursday of June and make up for it the first Wednesday of July. Normally, we draw to see what theme each gathering will be, but since it's the middle of summer and right after the 4th of July, I thought it would be fun to do BBQ foods. Potato and pasta salads, baked beans, grilled anything! Whatever recipe you think of when you are invited to a barbecue! Check out the link for Grilling posts for some ideas. I might have to send my hubby this time, since he's The Grill Master... Nah, I just don't see him enjoying talking about postpartum depression as much as I would! ;) Mark your calendars for July 6th!

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