Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chicken Night

So, in case any of you were wondering why I don't include pictures of the women at these gatherings, this is a perfect example. As soon as people realized I was about to get a picture of the food, they all backed far, far away! Except Sheree- Gotcha! Maybe some day. In the meantime, we are just loving the excuse to kiss the hubby goodbye and pat the kiddies on the head to have some very deserved women-time! I was wondering if twice a month was too often, then the exchange gets closer and closer and I find it hard to control myself from starting cooking 6 hours too early! ;) I am LOVING getting to know all these women, many of which I didn't know in the least bit before these gatherings! Every time I am blown away by how fun everyone is and even more so by how open everyone can be when circumstances allow! Again, we talked good and long about the kinds of things that aren't typically shared. I hope this helps some of us feel less alone when we are faced with difficult trials or rough days {or weeks, or years!}. Thanks to all the women who make these nights so unforgettable, and all the husbands {and boyfriends} who step up to let their wives have these nights. Sheree Mowers was an excellent hostess and even with partially dressed children running in and out ;) we appreciated her opening her house up to us for a little escape from reality!

One other extra fun thing we decided was that we are going to start doing a bonus activity at the first exchange of the month where someone comes and teaches us about a hobby or skill. We are all so excited for this new addition. September 7th will be the first go and Sommer Spears will be bringing in her handmade jewelry for sale and hopefully will give us a little tutorial on making our own jewelry. Other ideas we've had are scrap booking and card making, ballroom dance, sewing, photography, couponing, fashion, hair and makeup, zumba, yoga, blogging, gardening, etc. Is there anything else you can think of that you'd like to learn about one of these nights? Pass it on!

Our next gathering will be on the 18th and we'll be highlighting beef. It's what's for dinner.

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